VM Unlocker (Hyper-V)

Version: 0.1

You want to start a Hyper-V VM and get the following error?
VMNAME could not initialize. (Virtual machine ID da0920fe-d35f-4cc4-9b06-d4c8ae52f44b) 
VMNAME could not create or access saved state file D:\Configs\Virtual Machines\da0920fe-d35f-4cc4-9b06-d4c8ae52f44b\da0920fe-d35f-4cc4-9b06-d4c8ae52f44b.vsv 
You do not have permission to perform the operation. Contact your administrator if you believe you should have permission to perform this operation.

Then the VM-Unlocker is for you. Just select the regarding VMs config folder and its .vhd(x)