F-Tools [Version 1.0]
(c) 2015 Fabian Schmidt.

C#:\News\> Last Update: November 19, 2015
C#:\News\> I'm working on a new Version of the Win8AppRemover.
C#:\News\> It will feature a new GUI and support for Win 8/8.1/10
C#:\News\> Releasedate is "when it's done" ;)

C#:\Tools\win8ar> My biggest project so far:
C#:\Tools\win8ar> The Windows 8 App Remover

C#:\Tools\clckr> Clix Version 0.2, Fast automated clicking (Cookieclicker Hacks?)
C#:\Tools\vmnlckr> VM-Unlocker Version 0.1, Tool for giving file access to Hyper-V VMs
C#:\Tools\prxswtch> ProxySwitch Version 0.4, Tool for quickly changing your proxy settings
C#:\Tools\dismgui> DISM GUI Version: 0.1, Tool to simplify adding drivers to a .wim image
C#:\Tools\diceroll> Dice Roll Version: 0.5, Small dice simulator
C#:\Tools\ezsetvar> ezSetVar Version: 0.2, Tool to set/delete environment variables in Windows
C#:\Tools\sleeper> Sleeper Version: 0.2, Simple sleeptimer to shutdown the PC after X minutes
C#:\Tools\rdmpx> Random Pix Version: RC3, Shows pictures in a folder, in random order
C#:\Tools\gtvrsn> Get Versions Version: 0.1, See installed versions of Java, Flash and AdbReader

C#:\Tools\> More to come!
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